Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Fences

The first day I saw the scene in the photo, three young ladies were spray painting the bales of hay while some guy stood around watching them and looking official. The LI-VE sections were stacked on top of the UN-IT-ED, and it made a happy hay pyramid. If you have never been up close and personal with one of these round gargantua, each one is about six feet in diameter so it was actually sort of impressive to see the painting in action. Perhaps the guy had a walkie-talkie and would call for help if one of the women fell from the top. I drove by at 60+ mph, but you can see the action from some distance because this is actually on a four lane road at the edge of a field that belongs to Spence Airfield/Sunbelt Expo. The large contraption in the background is not an airplane taxiing toward the road. It is a monster of a pivot irrigation system. The second day I drove past the filed, the bales were in a row and male workers were out installing fence posts. I could see what was coming. Live United, humph, indeed. The third day the workers were stretching the chain link and attaching the barbed wire. Live United - Just stay on you side of the fence.